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Spearmint Essential Oil

  • $ 16.99

Try our steam distilled Spearmint Essential oil. Botanical Name: Mentha spicata Country of origin: China Extraction Method: Steam Distilled Plant part: Leaves Color: Colorless to pale yellow clear liquid. Scent: Spearmint Essential Oil has a fresh minty smell reminiscent of Peppermint. The major difference is that Spearmint oil is sweeter, and not quite as harsh. Strength of Aroma: Medium Note: High Ingredients: Mentha spicata Main Constituents: Carvone: 60% Blends well with: Basil, Birch Sweet, Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Jasmine, Lavender and Rosemary. History: The ancient Greeks used Spearmint to scent their bath water, for whiter teeth and sore gums. Warnings: Spearmint Essential Oil may irritate mucous membranes. Avoid use during pregnancy.

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