About us

Artlessly Beautiful



Artlessly Beautiful® was established in 2015.  A working wife and mom of three little girls decided that she wanted to take care of her family naturally without the help of chemicals.  So the journey began.

The quest began back in 2009 when she began her health journey, which included skin and hair.  The working wife and mom discovered that the secret to beauty existed within nature.  Coconut oil was her first discovery.  The health benefits of coconut oil were amazing.   After thoroughly shopping for 100% organically natural products, she could not find any that met her needs, so she created her own.  The first homemade product was made with shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil.  It solved skin ailments better than any chemically produced product.  Her third little girl had eczema, and the homemade products was a cure all.  It totally cleared her little one’s eczema.   She was so elated!  After years of treating her family with her homemade products, she decided that she would team up with an FDA approved lab and share it with the world.  Artlessly Beautiful® started with LOVE.  It started with wanting to heal her family with all things natural.  It started with wanting to heal her family with all things organic.