Left Handed Store-Lefties Only | Our New Addition

Left Handed Store-Lefties Only | Our New Addition

Lefties Only Store | Left Handed T-Shirts | Left Handers Day Apparel | Left Handers Apparel & T-Shirts

The most beautiful thing in the world is uniqueness.  Being a cookie cutter is by far the most boring thing in the world.  Artlessly Beautiful is proud to announce that we have opened a left handed store.  From previous blogs, you guys have come to know me as family oriented and the idea came from my left handed husband.  I've watched him survive in the land of righties for years.  We wanted to created a place for left handers to feel special and learn about great left handed things and great left handed people. Our website is all about lefthanded people and left handed facts. It's a Left Handed Store too. Through this journey with my husband, I've learned a lot about Left Handers' Day, Famous Celebrity Left Handers, Left Handed Presidents.  I didn't know there were so many awesome lefthanders. We've even list left-handed scholarships.  I didn't even know that was a thing! 

It also contains lefty blogs and cool unique lefty pride t-shirts and apparel.  Why is this beautiful to me?  Only 10% of the world is left handed and the fact that this is so odd, it's "Artlessly Beautiful".  If you've been privileged to being left handed (i.e lefties, leftys, lefthanders) or are friends with a left-hander, you should check out our new store, Lefties Only.  Our product designs are oh so cool, original and very unique and we have tons of great left-handed information.  See you there!

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