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I began my journey on being a more active contributor to society a few years back.  I spent years building my family and career, which was very important to me.  And I must say, I've had much success at it.  However, I wanted to extend the love and adoration that I have for my family to my community. So, the day after I bought a new vehicle, I immediately contacted Meals on Wheels to tell them that I was ready to go.  Since I now had a bigger SUV, I could load tons of food.  

The thing I love about Meals on Wheels is that their vetting process is nothing to play with.  They do not play about their clients or who they allow in their homes.  I had to do all types of checks.  So, happily, after about a few weeks, I was approved and given a route.  Can you say SUPER DUPER excited!  

That morning I woke up really early.  I did my normal routine...started the coffee pot, turned on the news and proceeded to get kids up for school.  I had already planned the extended lunch with my job.  I treated this day like I started a brand new job.  Like I was getting paid a million dollars!  I felt like I landed the greatest opportunity ever.  It was and still is.  

When I got there, I had my truck all cleaned out.  Because you know with children, typical "mommy" vehicles are always full of toys and snacks.  I got there with donated Publix bags and was ready to go.  Publix was more than eager to donate the bags.  I've also included Winn-Dixie.  I've never had a problem with either of those grocery stores helping out.  So, Kudos to Publix and Winn-Dixie!  You Rock!!

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I bagged every meal making absolutely sure everyone had everything that was offered.  When I was done bagging, I said, "Hey Siri" and said the first address.  Oh gosh!  This was AMAZING!  I met so many friends.  I have new friends at the nursing home, new friends on the route and new friends of friends.  

One of my little guy friends is just super funny.  He said, "My food was cold last time." I knew it was because his juice and milk was placed in the same bag as his food.  This is normally not a problem and is typically how it's done.  But, now, every time I bag my route, I always have two bags for him.  The first time I did it, I said, "I made sure your food is good and hot! I put your drinks in one bag and your food in the other." He began to laugh and said thank you!  That made my day.  So, this particular friend gets two Publix bags!  

This Meals on Wheels journey has been amazing!  And I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I love the new friends I've made in the nursing home and on my route.

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